We fly the flag for peace. Now and worldwide.




For several decades, it can be observed that our mighty "friends" on the other side of the Atlantic try vehemently to evoke the Third World War (often together with their buddies , who call the shots in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv). So far they have done that with rather limited success. However, these warmongers will not stop at anything to achieve their fatal aim.


The maintenance of their multi-billion dollar weapon industry is one of the reasons for that. Of course this is only possible with respectable profits, if you produce, sell and also massively use weapons.


The desire for more power as well, as the greed for oil and other resources that might be found in the soil of other countries are further reasons for their aggressive politics.


The warmongers (in addition to the above-mentioned there are a few other more!) have now opened a further chapter with Ukraine and Russia and if we (especially we Europeans ) do not watch out, we will soon find ourselves in a more than frightening situation again that no one of us really wants.


As long as we citizens of the earth - more than 7 billion today – only complain about our politicians and corruption, about the criminal activity of various multinational corporations and the excesses of the mentioned warmongers, but remain silent watching their hustle and bustle, hardly anything significant will change for the better.


ALL of us who are for peace - and there are a total of probably 6-7 billion people! – finally have to jointly show our colours, EACH ONE OF US!

We invite you to start and quickly promote, together with us, the initiative



We fly the flag for peace. Now and worldwide.




Let's start together with this simple initiative that can unhinge our warlike world in a few weeks and hopefully will do so!

A necessary prerequisite for our success is YOUR support and YOUR participation!


Whoever stands for peace and disarmament and the ending of all war and combat actions in this world, should also clearly demonstrate this and join us.


Everyone, absolutely everyone shall NOW realise our strong desire for disarmament and sustainable peace!


Wherever you live on this planet NOW fly the flag and show WITH THE COLOUR WHITE everyone in your environment that you are for peace.


We all show a simple white flag, it can also be a white headband, a simple white sheet somewhere more or less placed conspicuously on the body, white towels /linen/tapes hanging out of the window, a white pennon on the car, on motorcycle, moped, bicycle – the more conspicuous our white flags and scarves are shown the more clearly our concern is noticed - and most importantly, WE START IMMEDIATELY, we start NOW!


The color WHITE stands for joy, clarity, emptiness and silence, for the pristine and for innocence, for purity, immortality and infinity.

White flags or merely white cloths used for example in war zones means the immediate cessation of combat actions, armistice and peace as well as surrender. We are prepared to meet each other peacefully.This symbolism is understood throughout the world.


Let's set a signal that finally allows EVERYONE OF US to see how much WE PEOPLE wish and want to achieve peace!

Let us bring peace to the world...



IMPORTANT - Join us and share this information! Share it as much as you can with all people around you!

Use facebook, twitter and other social-networks to spread the initiative rapidly!






We fly the flag for peace. Now and worldwide.



Steven Jobs, USA (1955 - 2011) 

more about that amazing fellow

One more profoundly reason for every single world citizen to fly the flag right now...